February 2, 2016

Pet Sitting

Loving professional care will be provided for your pet(s) in your absence by Maureen.  Each pet has their own unique personality and needs.  You can rest assured knowing that your beloved pet is my top priority.

  • Dog Sitting
    • Customized to your pet’s needs
  • Overnight Care in Your Home
    • Dietary and physical needs will be taken care of as well as emotional needs. Not only will your pet be safe, but so will your home.
    • Complete Overnight Care.
    • Extended Overnight Care.
  • Cat Sitting
    • Customized cat visits will always include feeding, cuddling, and cleaning the litter area to make sure that your kitty feels secure and comfortable.
  • Companion CarePauls_Kitty_resized
    • Does your pet experience:
      • separation anxiety?Forrest_resize_crop
      • difficulties when boarded?
      • a need for extra attention?
    • Whatever the need, customized care is provided.